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Futureguide thinks about your future.

Your future depends on high ambition , right opportunity and proper guidance, We guide you to achieve those by providing proper training and development.

We train you with medical representative traning experts andplace you in the right position with our placement partners. Like Sun Pharma, Lupin, Zydus, Intus, Mankind, Abbot, Piramal, Amgen,DrReddy, Abbvie etc. You future awaits you.

Mission- Vission-AIM

Our Mission

To empower individuals worldwide to achieve their highest aspirations by providing them with the guidance, resources, and opportunities needed for a successful future.

Our Vission

At FutureGuide, our mission is to cultivate a pathway to success for every individual by fostering high ambition, identifying the right opportunities, and delivering tailored training and support. Through our innovative platform, we aim to inspire and equip individuals with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate their journey towards personal and professional fulfillment.

Our Aim

Futureguide aims to guide individuals towards a successful future with high ambition, right opportunity, and proper training.


Shourabh Halder Facculty

Being an experienced medical representative i really love my contribution to the institute. I have been in this field for 28 years. I am connected with the future guide family from the very beginning . I still remember when i was requested with the proposal to teach marketing in the institute. I was so glad that they chose me to be a part of it. And now honestly it has become a second family for me. I love to teach my students . I try my best to help them to acquire knowledge so that they can get a successful future. My aim is to create bunch of qualified medical representative from ‘THE FUTURE GUIDE’ .

Soumyadeep Kar Placed Student

I am really thankful to ‘ The Future Guide ‘ family for giving me such a great opportunity to earn knowledge with them . It’s been almost 2 months I have joined this institute .Beside my training period i was provided with several interviews in various pharmaceutical companies . luckily i got one and now i am working in the ‘Fedley Healthcare’. But i would also like to complete my training so that i can get a better view of this world. Thank You.

Arghya Banerjee Student

I was a total unexperianced candidate unaware of any facts regarding the medical sales representative field. But after attaining the seminars and demo classes provided by the institute i gained interest on the field. It’s really interesting to study about the medicines and then how to intereact with the doctors. Day by day my knowledge is increasing as well as i’am getting experienced by attaining the interviews provided by the institute. This institute has provided me the best speaking skill to communicate as well the marketing knowledge. And now i’am looking forward for a successful futute with ‘ THE FUTURE GUIDE’.

Md Tousif Ahmed
Md Tousif Ahmed Student

Being an arts student it was my old believe that to build up your career in a medical field one has to be a science student. But when i attended the seminar organised by THE FUTURE GUIDE my thought changed. They assured that even being a arts student one can easily apply for medical sales representative job.Then i joined their institute and now it’s been around 2 months , I can feel the improvement , my speaking skills have become much better than i used to have before, infact i have gained self confidence. THANKS to THE FUTURE GUIDE for helping and supporting me at times.

    Explore fulfilling roles as a Medical Representative in Berhampore, West Bengal’s Murshidabad district. Transition into a rewarding career with us!

    Discover exciting opportunities as a Medical Representative in Berhampore, West Bengal’s Murshidabad district. Join our team and embark on a fulfilling career journey!

    Explore rewarding Medical Representative roles in Berhampore, West Bengal’s Murshidabad district. Join our team for a fulfilling career!